Who is Janelle Wooten?


A talented fashion designer, textile designer, and digital pattern maker. 

Through Janelle Wooten’s experience, she began to specialize in corporate digital pattern making. She started out designing high-end special-occasion couture fashion design for clients around the world and has designed for well-known brands in Neiman Marcus and boutiques around the country. She has invented patented textile technology in athletic wear and has been a contributing designer for Dickies and boutique designers alike. Online shops flourish with designs created from her patterns – from athletic wear to wedding dresses. Companies that work with the world’s leading designers such as: Balmain, Lanvin, and Saint Laurent have freelanced this designer to bring new clothing lines into life.



Pattern Making, Digitizing, Grading, Fashion Designing, and Fashion Sketching since 2007.

Brigham Young University – Idaho
Business Management, Finance
Investment Society, Entrepreneurship Society

Wade College
Merchandising and Design, Fashion, 4.0
Valedictorian, Honoree of the Portfolio Award, Merchandising and Design Student Association Member, President’s List



• 9 years sole proprietor experience creating couture designs and commercial patterns/samples
• Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Linux, Mac, Windows, Corel Draw X3, Inkscape, CAD, keyboarding speed: 74 WPM
• Proven grace under pressure with deadlines by taking a concept to completion
• Received highest possible honors at Wade College for Bachelor of Arts degree in Merchandising and Design as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA and “Most Outstanding Portfolio” award winner
• Tests 99th percentile in applied geometry
• Continues ongoing client relations as a freelancer for corporate and start-up clients
• Invited to join the Better Business Bureau July 2011
• Designs womens’, mens’, childrens’, and patented technology patterns, tech packs, and samples