Marketing Your Wares: Methods to Implement

1. Use a shared google calendar and map out posts in advance. Posting three times a day. This lets you have a blog post promotion daily and mix up news about clients/members, promotions of brands you love, some fun inspirational quotes, and a good dose of fun.

2. Create a Dropbox or Google Drive folders to align with the google calendar and have photos for the scheduled posts handy in folders. You can access the google cal and the drop box on your phone so you can do it on the run but it is not nearly as stressful as making it up as you go. Do live share from events and Waiting on Martha photographer Kathryn McCrary suggested to have the basics (who, what, when, where) in the notes app on a phone and cut and paste and then a tiny tweak when you post it. Then you are present and enjoying the actual event instead of glued to your phone.

3. Use links to track click thrus and to create easy custom named links folks can remember. Put them in our profile on instagram to make clickable.

4. Use iconosquare to track results of posts to glean which posts are working and what times are working. Southern C contributor Monica Lavin of Lavin Label explained the app well on a post on TSC recently.

5. Strong photography is mandatory. Hillary at Dean Street suggests taking several shots to get the best vantage point – sometimes simply take three steps back or forward. Vary the white space. Rule of thirds – don’t center the subject and work on your framing of the shot. Know where your lighting source is coming from and hopefully it is natural light and not bright sunshine.

Use on your phone to spruce up and edit photos and Mandy, Hillary and Monica do too. It is fast and easy to use with a high quality outcome.

6. Social media strategist Dominique installed an app IFTTT that Monica also uses that posts our instagram on twitter and facebook but formats them so the instagram photos show attractively on the other mediums.

7. From the ALT Summit, Erica Domesek of PS. I Made This suggests when posting to any social media that you should consider color, composition, typography, recognition and nostalgia.

8. At that same conference, Dwell Studio Founder and Creative Director Christiane Lemieux reminds that in business branding including your social media to figure out who you are and stick to it 100%. Use the copy cure to really narrow down your brand.

9. Waiting on Martha Mandy encourages everyone that having constant conversation to equal conversion then you must do it every day, all day and all five – facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and snapchat.

Each platform requires different messaging and the players are not created equal.

Tell a story on facebook. Use this link:

Use Facebook live

Share conversation snippets on twitter.

Share photos on instagram (good ones that tell the story)!

Share beautiful images on pinterest from your blog content.

Share behind the scenes on snapchat.

What is your next step for marketing your products?