Want a pattern to upload your own design on Spoonflower.com so you can cut and sew your own leggings?? Here ya go!
Download here: janellewootenleggingspatternfreedownload
(Note: It is a size small. For more sizes, let me know you love this idea, and make your request for a certain size.)

Put your own artwork on the file, select a pattern piece and the artwork at the same time, right click and create clipping mask. You will have to do this multiple times for every pattern piece. It is perfectly sized to fit 56″ wide and 36″ long.

I reserve the right to the leggings pattern itself. Please refer that this pattern is from janellewooten.com anywhere you upload your own design within the pattern (like Spoonflower.com) or refer to this page link if you’d like to repost it on other blogs.