Pattern and Sample Making

A children’s clothing line with a total of 22 pieces made into patterns and samples




Design Development

This work was done for “Locker Room” by Dominic McCullough. She came to me with initial ideas. I sketched her ideas to make them come to life. Some of my clients show me pictures, some mail me apparel with certain details they want, some show me rough sketches, and some verbalize what they would like. All of these are great ways for me to make an idea a reality.

Choosing the Fabrics

Dominic knew what colors she wanted to see. I came back to her with swatches and a color story. We were then able to find suppliers for the fabrics she needed. The plaid fabric I had to have custom printed because she needed samples before she ordered bolts of fabric with this design on it for production. I offer my experience with knowing how certain textiles will drape, wash, and last.

Pattern and Sample Making

I then created her patterns and samples for her photoshoot to use on her website. Once she received the samples (as pictured), she was able to tell me any changes she wanted to her patterns for no additional cost. I don’t think any such changes were needed for this collection because as you can see from the products, everything came together on point!